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Limited Kittens Available - call or text for information on kittens 913-207-1195 Small Cat Breeder -Working with Classic Tabby in a variety of color in Amerian and British Shorthair in Golden Ticked Tabby - Agility trained - Gentle- Calm-Friendly-Social-Confident- Showable- Outgoing-Famous in commercials - TV -print adds and on pet food products. British Shorthair cats & kittens,silver tabby,silver spotted and British Blues from grand champion European lines. Contact us for kitten & adult cat availability. BSH breeder, Winnipeg, Canada & USA Small family breeder of British shorthair cats in Blue, Colourpointed all colours and black silver spotteds,all kittens live indoors , handled with love, sold as pets only to kind loving homes for further information contact Carol on [email protected] or visit our... I am a neutered male, silver tabby Domestic Shorthair. The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 03, 2020. This information was refreshed 7 hours ago and may not represent all of the animals at the Louisville Metro Animal Services. All our British Shorthair queens (girls) are raised and adored around our family. They are fed on a high quality diet of Royal Canin (Mother & Baby Cat) made using the finest ingredients. They are also cooked fresh chicken and white fish occasionally. Full Name: Khancoban Silver Clover. Pet Name: Zico. Tabbtasia British short Hair Breeder of Silver Tabby's. "To protect you and the animals, pictures used are actual photographs of the kittens advertised for sale. Small family breeder of british shorthair cats, located in UK. All of our kittens are home born and reared. Billericay (Essex), United Kingdom; Barrenger Basset Hounds Breeder of Basset Hound and British Shorthair. Bridgwater (Somerset), United Kingdom; Cattery De Noble Beautiful British Shorthairs from famous breedlines. We are specialising in silver tabby's,occasionally other colors. Wonderful type and superb temperament.

4age 20v tuningHealth of British Shorthair Cats. British Shorthairs are a healthy breed in general, but as with all pedigree breeds of cats have the potential to inherit certain genetic disorders and diseases. One thing to beware of is a hereditary heart defect, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). The British is an easy cat to care for and makes a wonderful, quiet companion. History: The British Shorthair, while originally coming from the farms and streets of Britain, is also considered to be the first cat of the cat fancy. The "father" of this breed is Harrison Wier, who is thought of as the first professional cat breeder.

The Best in Show prize was awarded to a 14 years old female blue tabby British Shorthair, owned by Mr. Weir himself. World War I brought a dramatic slowdown to the cat fancy in England. By its end, the interest in pedigreed British cats was regained, but breeders had difficult time finding worthy registered British Shorthair cats to work with. In September 1965, breeders voted to change the breed’s name from Domestic Shorthair to American Shorthair (abbreviated ASH). With the new name came a new image. The same year, an American Shorthair silver tabby male named Shawnee Trademark won Best Cat of the Year in CFA , heralding a new era for the ASH.

Seal Silver Tabby Point PKD, HCM, FeLV, FIV negative Ch. Bell Arden Thalia (British Shorthair) ~ WorldKittens International listing of catteries and cat litters Jan 18, 2020 · Tabby occurs in several colours, the most common are brown tabby, silver and orange tabby. About Tabby refers to a coat pattern in cats which consists of dark swirls, stripes, spots superimposed on a lighter background of ticked (banded fur).

MacGilli Cattery located in Mammoth Lakes, California Near Reno and Las Vegas. We are dedicated to breeding healthy and happy Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Cats. We offer kittens for sale. British Shorthair cat The British Shorthair is the oldest natural English breed of cat. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. The British Shorthair is the oldest natural English breed. There are many varieties, all with broad bodies, short legs, and short thick tails.

S738c rootIC Julius Black Diamond de Venorti! Meanwhile our little baby Julius has become one big, handsome tomcat for breeding and is already father of two litters. Aug 10, 2016 · Lucy ;-) old lady, British Shorthair silver tabby 10 years. Dailymotion. For You Explore. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be ... British shorthair silver tabby kittens for sale Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for British shorthair silver tabby kittens for sale . Email field should not be empty Please enter a valid email address.

The British shorthair is a calm, moderately active cat who likes to indulge in moments of play. However, this loving feline prefers to spend time with her human companions. The British shorthair is also known for her social nature with children and other pets.
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  • Breeder's Statement: We are a small home-based cattery in Northern California. We breed a variety of colors including Black Tipped Silver Shaded, Chinchilla, Silver Colorpoint, Blue, and bicolor Blue/White British Shorthair. The Silver shaded, Silver Colorpoint and Chinchilla are beautiful and unusual cats.
  • Kittens: 1 boy and 1 girl Black Silver Shaded Tabby / Blue Golden Shaded Tabby. 1/2. Back Victor Feliland ... British Shorthair. Black Silver Shaded Tabby / BRI ns 24 ...
  • One of the largest cat breeds, the Chausie is a mixed breed made up of a jungle cat from the swamps of south central Asia and the Abyssinian. This breed only eats meat and requires little maintenance, but is not recommended for families with smal ...
Find British Shorthair Kittens and Cats, or find a home for your feline friend. There are thousands of beautiful kittens and other pets needing a new home on Friday-Ad. The British Shorthair cat is the largest of the shorthair breeds and its rounded features are said to resemble a teddy bear. It is probably the oldest British cat breed and its ancestory can be traced back to the cats that were taken from Egypt to Rome and later to Britain. COLOURS OF BRITISH SHORTHAIR . ... chocolate silver classic tabby. cattery MystiCat House ... cattery Cats of Spring ( UP ) blue with white. 2015 Best Blue Silver Lynx (Tabby) Point British Shorthair of the year. Welcome to our cattery! We are breeders of British Shorthair Silver Shaded, Golden Shaded and Chinchilla cats - Champions and Multiple Grand Champions in US and Canada. So when I saw a photo of a lovely silver spotted tabby girl on a British Shorthair facebook page - I just had to have her! She looked like the whiskers ad kitten! The breeders website was listed with this photo and so I made an enquiry! The B-1 Litter was born with 3 male kittens and 1 female kitten. Bristol, Bentley, Bond and Basil are a fun bunch of British Shorthair & Longhair Kittens! Meet Georgie, a British Shorthair & Tabby Mix Cat for adoption, at New Hope Cat Rescue & Sanctuary in Kennedale, TX on Petfinder. Learn more about Georgie today.
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